quiero una goma de esas en mi casa 

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If you got the #rocktober calendar…you’d know that today is the beginning of a crazy contest!! Because you guys have been training so hard and eating so well, I wanted to reward you for your dedication. That’s why we’re doing a GIVEAWAY!!! For the next 7 days, I want you to upload a pic of you doing a plank (any style - get creative!) and hashtag it #popstersinplank. This will be your entry into winning some ridiculous prize packages! (I’ll post pics later!) Categories you can win in are: 1. Plank in the Oddest Location, 2. Most People Planking in One Pic (you must be in this pic too), and 3. Random POPster Planking. The last category is really open and as long as you submit a pic of you planking, you’re qualified to win :) The contest is open to all POPsters, any age, all over the world, and you can enter as many times as you want! Ends Oct 8th. Let’s PLANK!

Wish/ to do October

Draw 30 mins almost every day
Run 6-8 Km
Work in my upper body and inner thighs
Finish the book I have been reading
Be more conscious about myself
Learn another language(basics first)
Buy a mascara
Buy New Sport shoes
Make one of my baker challenge

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Funny delicious lunch and crazy rare but healthy delicious Dinner


Lunch with 2 Eggs Avo Olive Oil Tomato Basil Radicchio #lchf #lowcarbhighfat #keto

Lunch  ♥~


Running and poppilates!